Heart to heart

When I was younger I don’t know what I wanted to be. Whoever ask me what do you want when you grow up, I can’t think anything but almost all my elementary classmates kept saying A teacher! so i also said A Teacher! I asked myself why did I say a teacher? So i stared how my teacher acts, speaks, checks lessons. I like what she does so I guess a teacher. unfortunately my career path changed. i never became a teacher, i am on my age (sorry I forgot my age 🙂 a tip: guys, the most sinful question to ask to  girls is their age. so don’t u dare :)Anyways, lets back to the topic , Now that i am on my right age I just realize i wanted to write. whenever i see some quotes somewhere, i always say i can do that or when i read some lines, i am putting some words to my mind. So I guess still connects to a teacher, they do lessons, exams questionnaires by themselves, that’s tough!

Now i am a blogger, it begins here, maybe someday i can write a book. Hopefully.  i know I am a late bloomer but hey still its better late than never.

I never into gadgets, that’s why my site is still in limbo… I apologize for the inconvenience.

Now let’s go to matters of the heart. I remember my dad said, even when you were inside your mom’s tummy, you know Love already. The baby feels the love from the outside.Especially from your mom, coz you have a tight connections. Part of your mom’s body connects to your heart. you already have the bond. ( Mom I love you so much!)

It means to say that even  were  not born yet, we know how to love. I guess we only sees flowers, bright colors, sunlight, sunset, blue sky, birds. We only thinks happy thoughts, celebration, happy life and only hears nice music. How I wish we all feel the same up to this date. For those people who feel the same way  up to this moment, you are a lucky bastards! Nurture  it, appreciates, love and hug her/him forever. I know your life is not perfect, there something missing but hey when it comes to heart, you are so loved. Take care of it. Its better to have a happy life than super rich but have messy life.

For those people who is having a hard time in life, don’t lose hope. it will come. Just trust God and he will do the rest.  For those who has no love life, everyone has Mr and Ms right, you guys has’nt cross path yet. For those people who has in pain right now, stand up! If this not the first time he/she did something wrong to you, better think. If it happens once I will guarantee you it will happen again. Think hard. Sometimes don’t listen to your heart. Don’t follow Roxette (all the 90s can relate). You built a love but the love falls apart. it’s not true that a little piece of heaven turns to dark. In reality, the WHOLE heaven turns to dark and its a looong darkness of your life. So think, if you accept (you can forgive but you cant forget) this person , your happiness- it’s not forever , this person will do it again and will do more…




Author: emelinemypuso

a broken hearted but its not the end of the world

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